Q1. What is a Digital Branded Outlet?


​An online showroom controlled & operated directly by a business owner. It allows businesses to reach out to their customers online, showcase their products & receive orders & payments at their own terms without any commissions or fees.


​Q2. How is it different than listing your products on another app / website? 

​Products listed on your own E-Commerce website are directly under your control & you can add, delete products at a click of a button from your mobile. All the terms of the transactions such as refund / cancellation policy, delivery charges, discounts & promotions etc for your products on your own system are dictated entirely by you.


Q3. What are the biggest advantages of having your own E-Commerce system?

No sales commissions, no fees, no mandated promotions, no need to wait for approvals to create or modify your online listings.

Your own website is a permanent digital address where your customers can find you directly. Contrast this with paid promotions to get your customers to even see your products on another person’s app.

Your own website gives you unlimited real estate to showcase your portfolio or products & tell your customers why you are unique through photos & videos. You get to decide how & where to promote your products, your own system opens smart ways of digital marketing such as Google, Facebook & Instagram.

Modern age cloud-based E-commerce systems come with in-built billing & CRM solutions that are extremely helpful for Indian businesses if setup & used properly. They can act as single point IT interface to control your business entirely.


Q4. How difficult or expensive is it to setup such a system?

It used to be quite an expensive affair a decade ago as it required a large team of software developers to build and run such a software. Hence, we saw several big E-Commerce companies enter & dominate the Indian retail industry.

However, technology evolves very rapidly & today it is far easier to build & run an E-commerce system. Hence this is the perfect time for anyone with knowledge of IT tools to start a digital business – therefore you see so many start-ups in retail today. These new digital businesses compete directly with existing Indian businesses by focusing solely on the younger new age consumers which increasingly shop online.

However, we believe that existing local businesses are much better positioned to serve these customers and hence we believe in equipping them with the same or better tools as possessed by the new digital only start-ups.


Q5. Can an existing retail business or a SME manufacturer afford such a solution?

Yes, recent technology advancements have helped a lot in reducing the cost and complexity of such solutions.

Any business can now operate an independent E-Commerce system without any knowledge of software development. One time cost of developing such customized solutions have also come down drastically & hence you will be surprised to see our pricing!

We have kept the prices very genuine so that most businesses can afford this and truly become Atma-nirbhar digitally!


Q6. How can Urban Brands help me take my business online & get new customers?

We will assemble a customized Digital Branded Outlet as per the needs of your business & hand it over to you in a working condition. The exact components and specifications differ by industry and are mentioned on our different pages where you can even browse through a sample of e-commerce solutions for your industry.

Once setup– you will be able to receive and track online orders, add orders manually, update your inventory / products online in real time, track your consumers, run promotional campaigns on your website and even advertise your products on social media platforms to gain new customers from your local area.

Once you receive a Brand from us– you will be able to do all of this in one place without any software development knowledge and using simple web and mobile interfaces. Only time when you will need our help is once you have sold all your products and your promotional videos are no longer relevant !

When those achhe din finally come , you will have to call us or any other local designer of your choice and ask them to make some more cool videos and promotion strategies. You could even do this yourself but if you choose to call us – we promise to help you at a genuine price.

Think of it as your car and when you need to service the car – its your choice to take it to the company showroom or get it repaired locally as per your convenience. 


Q7. There are several offerings in the market that claim to give similar services at lower one time cost? Why should you choose us?

We want you to know and realize that this is a very very very different product offering than most other E-commerce offerings.

Most E-commerce companies store the database of your products on their platform and then decide how to show it to the customers. They define the terms of businesses such as refunds, cancellation etc and they decide which stores or products to be promoted.

They all charge sales based commissions and offer businesses a way to promote their products ahead of others for a promotion fee.

Upon launch, the commissions are lower and businesses are often excited to join them. While initially when there are few players in the platform, those few businesses get many new customers and they are glad for the new orders. But soon as customers start to use this platform and more and more businesses join, then the dynamics change significantly. 

Soon the customers shift their trust from the businesses to the platform. They don't order from any restaurant, they order from the app.

When these dynamics start to shift, the sales commissions start going up. Hence the margins keep going down overtime as their existing customers also shift to these online platforms. As more and more businesses join in, the market becomes crowded. So businesses start to avail paid promotions in the hope of putting their products ahead of other businesses. Businesses who can afford to pay the fees make the investment in promotion campaigns. But this directly impacts the sales of smaller businesses who cannot afford it. 

Soon even the businesses who availed promotions realize that although the sales go up during the promotions, it begins to fade soon after the campaign stops. This is because the promotion got them some extra orders but did not give them any loyal customers. So this one time promotion also becomes like a monthly cost and hence they start looking at it as extra commission. 

Premium & hardworking businesses face some other unique challenges.

These platforms display the products of all businesses in a standard defined way, so businesses who go the extra mile to make customers happy find it hard to communicate that message to their customers and win their loyalty.

  • The 1000 square feet restaurants, showrooms, super markets, jewellery stores, large godowns don't help anymore

  • Keeping the kitchen extra clean doesn't help

  • Having 10 extra employees to walk the customers through your portfolio doesn't matter

  • Customizations offered to give a tailormade service doesn't help

  • Superfast delivery doesn't help

  • Heavy investments in keeping a large stock or a large variety doesn't help

  • The premium-ness of the product doesn't come apart in a 1 inch photo

  • The depth of variety is hard to display in a standard 3 inch list on the phone  

Hence authentic hardworking & premium businesses face reduced margins & reduced overall power over their own business.

Many businesses even feel that these high margins & promotions fees are unfair market practices. 

Our view is that this does not happen because of any unfair practices by such companies or any malicious intentions. It happens because of simple market forces that anyone can predict using simple logic. This is simply the fundamental nature of most of the E-commerce companies across India.

Getting all businesses of similar type on one platform is attractive for the platform owner but overtime proves unattractive for businesses and hence eventually for consumers as well. Let us dig deep into the main reasons for this :

A. The margins & commissions paid by the businesses are recovered directly from customers in the form of increased prices & extra service charges. To make up for the lost margins, businesses are forced to cut cost by reducing product quality and hence customers don't get the quality service even at premium prices. 

B. These companies invest heavily in setting up a large and complex software system for the market. They manage a large sales team in the market and some of them even setup a large delivery network. Then they have to hire many layers of managers to run this large company. And then add the losses for first few years to attract businesses and the free promotions for consumers to onboard them. Once the platform is setup - all these investments have to be recovered from sales commissions & promotion fees.

C. Business owners will appreciate the large risk that investors of such companies take in setting up such platforms. Hence they would understand that it is fair for them to charge a healthy profit as they will expect a return on their investments which is much higher than a Fixed Deposit.       

We solve all these problems by using one simple fix - helping businesses setup their own full blown E-commerce setup at a nominal price. So that businesses get the power back & make their own relationship with their customers and BUILD THEIR OWN BRAND.

Hence the one time costs are higher in our offering as opposed to other players because we are very different.


We don't give you a listing on our system, we actually give you your own system. Most other companies take a cut in your margin forever, so if you work extra hard and grow your business, then their incomes go up. We help you setup your own brand at a defined fixed & genuine cost so that you grow your business as well as keep the full margin.

Additionally - we will like to focus on the fact that YOU WILL HAVE THE FREEDOM TO do whatever you want with this digital asset & that is exactly why you should buy this. So that you can STOP relying on someone else for getting you the customers. 

We want you to build your business yourself and not rely on someone else because its important in the long run!

We are here to help you setup this system, teach you how to run it, update it in the future as per your request and guide you in your overall business strategy. We partner with you all the way & charge fairly for our products & services and have no interest in taking your margin ever. We want you to grow and keep the full money & use it to deliver premium products & services to your consumers.

We will shortly launch a free & fair marketplace where all such businesses who setup their own E-commerce systems will be able to list their brands and customers can find them easily. Our goal is to build an E-commerce platform where businesses have all the power to engage directly with their customers & the platform simply plays the role of making them meet in a free and fair manner,

We will never ever take a cut in your margins and will always charge a fixed fee for our services. This platform will also not allow any paid promotions. It will simply show customers the nearby outlets as per the category of their choice so they can make an unbiased choice. We will simply charge businesses a fixed monthly listing fees to recover our costs and a nominal margin.

WE promise to always keep YOU at the centre and never try to replace YOUR POWER in any way.

WE aim to to help and enable YOU to win the digital race - we are on YOUR Team.

That is why you should choose US!