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below is a small write up that TELLS you what we do, how we do it & why we do it
everything you need to decide whether or not to trust us !

Lets go on a short journey in the past - Trust us, it will all make sense in next 5 minutes

Pick any two cities that you like & now go back by 10-15 years & picture yourself in side of that bus

Next town is about to come & lets look out the window to find out where we are

We see countless walls painted with several different messages and advertisements - we hope you are with us

So many different messages with so many bright colors, graphics, interesting punchlines, attractive promotions & what not

What were all the paintings saying & who gave the money to put up so many paintings from town A to town B?

Were they asking us to buy something?


Were they about Parle G or Ambuja Cement or Lux soaps or Rexona Footwear? 

If you are an Indian retail or manufacturing business - the answer is very clear to you - they were all companies trying to BUILD THEIR BRAND 

Those were all big companies that invested aggressively in telling consumers about their products & services & later ruled their hearts for decades

Selling your products to a large audience was very difficult in those days but technology has made this very easy through internet & E-Commerce


Technology has advanced significantly & consumers are increasingly moving online - they demand an online presence from their loved BRANDS

We help small & medium Indian Business adopt the latest digital tools & technology overnight and take their entire business online 

We understand that it is not easy for every business to invest like a BRAND & hence we have kept our offering very simple & cost effective


We want to actively work with Indian businesses who are keen to walk the digital road - hence we will not waste time explaining its benefits 

We simply want you to spend that time focusing on your business while we custom create a digital brand as per the needs of your consumers

Hence we have created a simplified offering that boils down all the complexity of building a brand into a simple online purchase process 

All you have to do is finalize a design theme, tell us a bit about your business in a standard predefined template & we will tailor make your Brand

We will take care of Trademark, GSTN, Logo, Animated website showcasing your products, SEO, Online E-Commerce & Social media integration

We will take care of all the regulatory paperwork, setup your payment gateway, upload your products, integrate them with Facebook & Instagram

We will even create some ready ads, promotion banners, videos etc for you to advertise on these platforms after we safely deliver this digital asset

in your hands. Needless to say - everything will be customized for your business and that is why we have created ready templates for different


Indian businesses to give you a full feel of what you are buying

The tools we will hand over will all be highly easy to use and will be powerful enough to manage your business in a much better way.

The founders have experience of working with corporate brands & can guide new businesses on how to setup your brand - in case they need help

We are highly passionate about helping Indian businesses compete neck to neck with Large corporates & will help you end to end in your journey

We believe in giving quality service & will always be available to help you even after the purchase at very nominal task based charges

We intend to stay in this industry & our client's success is our success so if you buy a brand from us - we will help you grow & build it all the way.

We also have the offering of renting a brand - where you do not have to pay the one time fee & can operate a ready outlet at a nominal monthly rent

We firmly believe in India, Indian businesses and the power of digital in helping us all grow together and hence we are happy to do the hard work

All that we request from you is - trust us and trust digital & work with us to grow your business


We assure you that if setup & used properly, a digital asset like this can really open up immense new avenues for your business

Our goal is to not spend any time in the sales process & rather spend all our time creating as many brands as we can

That is why we have kept the pricing to a minimum so that we can help as many Indian businesses as possible to win the digital race

Market share any industry is very difficult to gain once lost back, many urban businesses are struggling to compete against large companies


We feel the pain everyday for all those businesses and we believe we can help them quickly fight back and come back stronger and better!

So if you are a business that understands the need for going digital - look at the samples, choose your brand & give us a call at +91 79829 77469.

We are here to help.


Yours Truly,

Team Urban Brands